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The wooden house in Jeju Island

文章摘要:The wooden house in Jeju Island,分析法娘娘庙本手册,标准型梁美京谍照。

Author:admin  Source:未知  Published:2013-08-23 15:30

Qu Letang Korea some time ago to visit his sister. family Qu Letang Jeju Island Tours. Now is the summer, the peak of a Korean holiday season, and Jeju Island is Korea's best place to vacation. it plainly, is From the bustling city to the natural outdoor leisure meaning.

 We are near the east coast in Jeju Island, rented a cabin. when we kick a foot deep shallow destination, the bus left us a handlebar wilderness, surrounded by green, in addition to two cross-Road outside the traces of people no longer see, and my heart burst of tension is inevitable. Fortunately, my sister called the degree of Village phone, the owner by phone that we took a few steps, it was found not far in from the crossroads The trees there are a small house, this is the resort said. be room on the Internet when away from the beach is only ten minutes, it seems the former is actually a shop in the middle of nowhere places. we will This two-day stay in it!

 This little Cunluo about ten to Dong Geshigeyang the cabin, because it is peak season, the evening's time, basically was filled, Le. yes we live in a house Liangceng Lou from below overhead, Tong Guo The few steps onto a wooden table, be it a small yard. and then open the door into a large house, which is to take off shoes. paved the middle of the room a bed mat. in a corner by the inside is an open Simple style kitchen. there before and after the transparent windows, spacious, bright, clean, barefoot on the floor, not a trace of gray. bare feet stepped on the stairs, second floor is a bedroom with a bed, of course, is the floor to sleep , The owner prepared a futon on the floor to the corner. has exquisite windows and vaulted ceilings, there is a small door leads to the roof to a small balcony.

 The room has air conditioning, there are geothermal. previously chic in the photo to see the house, I feel very surprised, but now it has moved into. is a small fairy-tale dream house. From the beginning of our three days and two in Jeju Island Late holiday journey.
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