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The elderly spend a lifetime with the wooden house

文章摘要:The elderly spend a lifetime with the wooden house,大到开放型身名俱灭,理财师第三十一斑蝥。

Author:admin  Source:未知  Published:2013-08-23 15:30

An oldlog cabin, hidden in the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a two-story house, opened the door that very traditional style of Chinese folk wooden doors, wooden room immediately be attracted to share the unique simplicity. Hut is not large, and the house did not crafted furniture, but perhaps it is those black sauce furniture, doors and windows, people feel out of its age-old, and unconsciously to appreciate the unique wooden an ancient charm. Door of the house stood, looked across those who can see row upon row of tall buildings, compared with huts seem to be abandoned in an unknown corner.

Repair in the Man Street in Changsha, so a flock of people associated the old wooden reverie. Wooden master, this year 77-year-old Zhou Shuyun. This building huts on the old, she was a soft spot.

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to repair the text Changsha Street. Is this the humble alley, only about 2 meters wide. West Lake and the adjacent lane road with heavy traffic, crowd scenes, such as weaving, compared Xiuwen Street, more like a shy girl, is particularly quiet and peaceful. Along the narrow alley a few meters ahead, then jumped into the army for the ancient wooden eyes.

"This cabin, about 100 years of history." Zhou grandmother recalls. She was a teenage girl, the family have bought this building huts. Since then, she will not have been moved out of huts, to live is a more than 50 years. Grandma said Zhou. That year, after buying this building huts, his father had told her, hut more than 50 years of history. So figure it out, this building should be through the humble huts for more than a century. This cabin is really a hundred years of history? Because living in a cabin nearby residents are constantly changing, even the neighborhood who did not know for huts of history, for which the age of the huts, even difficult to trace.

"Live a long time have a feeling." Zhou grandmother told reporters. 50 years of living, so she had a special feeling cabin. She knew every inch wooden corner "in a cabin, eyes closed I can move freely." Zhou grandmother said proudly. Her son and daughter have moved into the new building early, and again she received a new home to enjoy their twilight years, but persisted in his refusal could be weeks grandmother.

"Only living in a cabin, I would appreciate the feeling of home." Zhou grandmother said emotionally, stay in huts, the total number of young second thought make her happy moments. "This old wooden houses and spend the same as my biggest wish."
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