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The development of wooden house

文章摘要:The development of wooden house,肌酸丑时翻版,纳兰容若拉力竹木制品。

Author:admin  Source:未知  Published:2013-08-23 15:30

The survival of all objects on the earth, the most longevity of wood, up to several thousand years old ancient trees are still alive today, even after the timber harvest would still survive. Century AD, built the world's first post-wooden buildings, such as Japan, Horyuji Temple, in the repair of its wooden beams were found among the pine fragrance exudes still prove the trees behind the house was built, is still able to survive the millennium or more. Wood is not only long life, when the technical development of modern architecture of today, through a special processing technology, wood can also fire, corrosion and moisture.

Hut is not only cool, moisture resistance moisture, breathable, but also contains rich cultural atmosphere, simple elegance; can adjust the humidity of the rainy season, when the humidity when the cabin can automatically absorb moisture, dry cells from their own will the release of water, play a role in the natural regulation; timber also antibacterial, sterilization, pest control effect. So wooden enjoy "breathing houses" in the world, is a green, healthy, living a comfortable, safe, close to nature, long life and unique personality and style, and many other advantages of a health-based housing; its construction, can easily personalize the style of design modeling, short construction period, all the houses are from natural wood building products, environmental pollution, high structural strength, with good seismic performance, meet environmental, safety, health, housing demands, is fit for human habitation.

The original wooden town of Vienna is not only safe and comfortable living together, and housing purchase logs is a very safe investment, with great appreciation potential. From timber prices can be seen that the value-added value, scarcity, forest resources become increasingly scarce in today's world, growing desertification, many countries have to be cutting the position without the forest, including the deforestation of China has made increasingly the more stringent restrictions. Even in Canada, the world's richest countries in forest resources, deforestation of primary forest trees also have a clear plan, at least for a period of 80 years.

In recent years, China's government departments on the development of environmental health, supportive residential energy conservation and ecological point of view, while China's rapid economic development, to real estate development market has brought a broader, more standardized, higher level of development and opportunities, there are vision of the developers have started in a rational manner as its own investment products, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and other cities The rise residential wood heat. Log house in the Chinese market has broad prospects for development.
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