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Villa hit the warm wood of new Nordic private cabin air

文章摘要:Villa hit the warm wood of new Nordic private cabin air,在世界上欠发达地衔冤负屈,海外侨胞开设查理斯。

Author:admin  Source:未知  Published:2013-08-23 15:29

Custom "wood descent"

Internally and externally, warm romantic

Perhaps the share of non-stick was attracted to the secular mood, which in the financial industry will be home in a couple large cave located near the temperature of Pinggu crossing villa. When you walk into this villa, the fresh and natural feel like being a small Scandinavian country. Nordic hut after another, which uses advanced integrated technology to build a log house, so naturally simple, warm, bright hand-blowing texture.

The wooden house into your vision of a total of two floors, floor area of ??155 square meters, from the "simple but not simple" adult fairy tale inspired by the world of designer Yang Yang, in a log cabin enjoy rendering the "new Scandinavian style" charm. First of all he do is to have a cabin outside the pure "wood origin."

In fact, so to put the cabin in the room "wooden clothes" are not designers to deliberately reflect the "say what", but in accordance with wooden features customized design. Cabin living in Beijing, not to say that the romantic nature can be how to ensure that the ravages of winter from the cold is not an easy task, so to interior insulation, the designers used in the decoration a lot of very good insulation properties of wood . And then to the ground from the ceiling to the wall, a water, children's "first line of wood." In order to maintain the unique flavor of the wood texture, wooden, almost all without the use of fine processing of logs, to maximize the retention of the original wood color and texture. When you walk into huts when a hint of wood flavor will immediately refreshing.

Choice in the furniture, the finest maple, oak, pine and birch are the best temperament and wooden "landing on" the material, which has the original beauty, color and texture of soft natural wooden furniture to the overall atmosphere is even more simple , elegant; choice in style, the owner preferred form of partial reduction in Europe, but the overall effect of simplicity and has the intensity of the furniture. Such as master bedroom, white birch wood bed looks clean and the atmosphere, but the arc-shaped bed bed letting delicate feminine side show; living room with rattan chairs, white sofa, simple but elegant style, as if come from the Nordic mountain together a pair of "Miss Di", were not secular exude an air of fresh dip.
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